The Great Unknown

“Well it takes real guts to be alone, going head to head with the great unknown” – Waiting For My Chance to Come, Noah and the Whale

I finally went to the doctor today and although I still don’t know what’s wrong with me exactly, I thought I’d start a blog about my “journey”. I hope it’s not cancer. I hope it’s curable. I’m not very good with words so this blog will mostly be videos, lyrics, photos, etc… I’m Aya, by the way. I’m 22 and I spend too much time on the internet. I like cats, bands and sleeping. I travel once in a while. I would love to travel more. I’m sick but I have yet to find out what exactly my disease is. I’ve been feeling symptoms since college and I’m very scared. I’m going to find out what it is eventually, try my best to get cured and update this blog along the way.

Edit: It’s November and The Great Unknown remains a mystery, a burden. And I think it will remain that way for a long time. I’m keeping this blog anyway but it’s no longer solely for updates on my well-being.