Yet another work rant

One of the difficulties of this job is we are expected to be knowledgeable in a variety of things: movies, cars, makeup, cameras, consumer goods, etc. You name it, we’ve collected findings about it. If we do not know anything about a topic, we do learn the ropes eventually. And when we’ve finally adjusted and got acquainted with a project, the technical terms involved and the trends in consumer comments, it’s time to say goodbye. We get assigned new projects with a different set of categories and we have to start from scratch.

It goes something like this:

We work on a car-related project. We read about hybrids, engines and other vehicular jargons and learn more about cars than the norm. Once we can finally name all the models of Vauxhall (I didn’t even know this brand existed prior to said project), the project is due and we get a new task about something not even remotely close: make-up. We read a ton of discussion about beauty products and we encounter things like BB cream, matte, ease of application until we know enough to start our own makeup tutorial YouTube channel.

I guess this makes us flexible, even versatile? But who are we kidding. We cannot be well-versed on any topic because 1) the topics vary and 2) when we start a new project, we tend to forget about the previous ones and 3) how can we be well-versed on a topic we don’t really give a sh*t about. I do not care about cars. I’m pretty sure the guys in our team couldn’t care less about make-up. To read about something we’re barely interested in for hours (for weeks even!), is a waste of time. And if the topic is somewhat interesting, we get sick of it eventually because reading and analyzing comments, which range from stupid to nerdy, require a lot of patience. And I have close to none.

I do not recommend this job at all.



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