25 by 25

I’m turning 25 in 15 months. Here are 25 things I’d like to accomplish by then:

  1. Learn to cook a meal (or two) really well. Hotdogs, eggs and the like don’t count.
  2. Learn to put on make-up for times I really need to e.g. meetings, weddings, etc.
  3. Find a Little Black Dress and a Little White Dress to be my go-to dresses…
  4. …and a sturdy, comfortable pair of black heels.
  5. Go out of the country (solo or with friends / family)
  6. Make sure emergency fund is 4 times (or higher!) my monthly salary.
  7. Invest in mutual fund
  8. Buy insurance
  9. Throw a small party for my 25th! Plan it and save up for it.
  10. Find a job outside of Manila, in a rural setting… maybe.
  11. Buy a new phone
  12. Buy a decent camera
  13. Learn to drive, get a license
  14. Go on a date
  15. Climb a mountain / volcano
  16. Watch Vampire Weekend live *cross fingers that they come to Manila*
  17. Act in an indie film (HOW???)
  18. Treat my parents (vacation? expensive dinner? spa?)
  19. Confess.
  20. Check-up / Consultation  with OB GYNE and psychiatrist
  21. Donate to charity/NGO
  22. Have photos printed/developed (HS, college, family, travel, etc) and put them in photo albums.
  23. Get my TIN Card and attend to tax-related matters / fix tax-related problems if any (e.g. transfer my RDO)
  24. Go on a book-shopping spree!
  25. Do something priceless

[EDIT] I was able to tick off a bit more, but they happened after turning 25. Any progress is good progress so I’m quite proud 🙂 I can already cook Sinigang and Adobo, I’m living outside the country, I got a phone replacement last year (just an iPhone 4S but I’m very happy with it), I did buy a waterproof camera, I’ve been on some “dates” and I think given the amount of books I’ve been purchasing this year, it already counts as a book shopping spree. Haha. (09/16/16)