Can A Song Save Your Life?

I think so.

This week has been so tough and gloomy but there were two rays of sunshine in the form of a wonderful movie (Begin Again) and an awesome show (Bombay Bicycle Club).

Monday night – watched Begin Again with Gel. The soundtrack was beautiful! And I super loved Keira Knightley’s character’s wardrobe! Her outfits suit her body type. I want to dress up like her if only I could pull it off.

Fun fact: the movie used to be called Can A Song Save Your Life? hence the title of this post. Hehe.

begin again

Wednesday night – Bombay Bicycle Club!!! It’s my third concert this year (this is why I’m broke) and I think it’s the closest I’ve ever been to the stage at a show. They were so good! I’m not their biggest fan but I adore some of their songs (Shuffle, How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep, etc) so I obviously had to watch.

Arctic Dream

I came across this story about a man and his family, who left home for a year, to live on a barely inhabited Arctic island with picturesque views.

It left me inspired and teeming with wanderlust. I want to do the same! I’ve been thinking about living in a different place, away from the chaotic metro, somewhere nature-filled. I want to witness gorgeous sunsets, climb verdant mountains, hear the waves and be filled with awe every day because of nature. Maybe one day I’d be lucky.

For now, I shall live vicariously through