Post-Prod Feelingsss

Acting/Theater is one of my favorite things. Sadly, I can’t and don’t do it often. But recently, the past two months to be specific, I enrolled in a basic acting workshop. Part of me wanted to regret joining ONLY because it robs me of sleep. Being an easily tired person, it was difficult. I barely get enough sleep on weekdays because of work and I had to wake up early on Saturdays for the workshop. And oh the commute! Why do I have to live so far away?

But I enjoyed the sessions a lot. Even if we had to go through a challenging warm-up before each session, even if most of the acting exercises required physical and emotional cooperation, I didn’t feel tired inside the studio. Even the weekday practices in preparation for the showcase… I showed up! I went a bit reluctantly to be honest but I still went and that’s really saying something because after work I’d rather go home than anything else.

The whole experience was full of learning and unlearning. Some of my takeaways are: Acting is not analyzing/thinking too much. Acting is about choices. It’s about connection, reaction and being in the moment and trusting your instincts. Taking the plunge. Not being selfish. And teamwork of course! I am thankful to and for the people I met: interesting, inspiring, fun budding actors and patient, hardworking, passionate mentors. You know that part before a show when the cast and crew hold hands in a circle to pray, give words of encouragement and pass energy to one another (we call it “bilog” in Enta)? I love it! You can tell everyone is nervous yet excited. I love the feeling of belonging, community and sharing one ultimate goal: to have a good show.

I’m glad I took the plunge, so glad that I cried on my way to the office this morning because it’s over. I will miss everything about it (except the hassle of commuting and lack of sleep hehe).


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