Tinipak River Travel Tips

Last May, we conquered Mt. Daraitan and got to reward ourselves with a quick stop at the peaceful and picturesque Tinipak River. Surrounded by mountains and trees and littered with beautiful massive white rocks, it was a sight to behold! I decided right then and there that it is one of my favorite places (“my happy place”) and I would definitely come back.

Eight weeks later, I was back! This time with friends from work and this time, we skipped the mountain. The plan was just to take loads of pictures at the river ūüėÄ

A portion of Tinipak River I didn’t get to see during my first visit. It’s so pretty from this side!

The trip had some hurdles so I thought I would give a list of tips to help prevent similar mishaps:

1. Going to Brgy. Daraitan in Tanay, Rizal via public transpo entails an hour long tricycle ride from Tanay town proper. I highly recommend calling the Tanay Tourism Office or the barangay itself to hire your tricycle. We did this for our first Daraitan trip and it proved to be a good idea! 

The second time I visited the far-flung area, our¬†group just got a random tricycle at Tanay town proper and the driver made us¬†transfer to another tricycle halfway through the trip.¬†It turns out¬†he’s not allowed to drive tourists all the way to Brgy. Daraitan because there are designated trikes for this special trip. Or perhaps, he just wanted to¬†avoid the bumpy road leading to the barangay.¬†To avoid ¬†this inconvenience, get a contact person from Brgy. Daraitan (see next bullet for our recommendation!). The people of Daraitan¬†or the tourism office of Tanay will be happy to assign you a driver slash rough-roads expert!

Tanay is seriously underrated! Loving the probinsya vibes.

2. Even¬†if¬†you’re¬†not climbing¬†the mountain and you just plan to go to the¬†river, you are required to hire a¬†guide. We¬†were quite stubborn at first. We tried to assure¬†the people at the registration that we didn’t need a guide. My friends and I thought it was unfair that they’re charging those scaling the mountain and those going¬†straight¬†to the river the same amount of P500 when the trek to the latter is a lot shorter!

They insisted on their rule¬†and threatened they’d send us back to town if we didn’t get a guide.¬†IT WAS STRESSFUL and we had to give¬†in. We were lucky one of the guys agreed to accompany¬†us for only¬†P200. John¬†is the nicest! He knows his stuff and is extremely helpful. Contact him at¬†0917-2523735 and give him a generous tip! We gave him P500 in the end.

into the wild

3. Bring slippers but don’t use them for the hike! Since we were not planning on climbing¬†Mt. Daraitan, we thought slippers would suffice. Boy were we wrong. It is still advisable to wear proper hiking footwear¬†because the Tinipak trail takes about 1 hour of trekking¬†over big slippery rocks.¬†I wore my almost-always reliable Havaianas slippers with straps. Although it didn’t break and I didn’t slip, it was very¬†uncomfortable.

If we didn't get a guide, we would have missed this scenic detour.
If we didn’t get a guide, we would have missed this scenic detour.

4. Bring an umbrella/raincoat/waterproof jacket and WATERPROOF YOUR STUFF. If your backpack is not waterproof, at least have¬†a huge plastic bag where you can shove¬†your things when it starts raining. We were unprepared for the heavy rain that greeted us on our¬†hike back to the community. Hiking in the rain didn’t bother me so much. I¬†liked the thrill. I felt pretty badass (HAHA) but¬†I was also¬†worried¬†about my stuff getting soaked.

5. On the way home from Tanay Town Proper, I would recommend riding a UV Express bound for Shaw/Megamall instead of a jeep. This is a lesson I’m carrying over from my first Daraitan experience. Shuttles are more expensive but also more comfortable and have less stops, therefore faster than a jeepney ride.

6.¬†Last but not the least… bring barya and small bills when you travel to Daraitan (or anywhere for that matter).¬†As someone OC with money, my P1000 bill brought so much unnecessary overthinking¬†ūüėź

That’s it.¬†Some helpful advice. Or don’t follow these tips for a more unforgettable adventure! Ours was definitely one for the books (or should I say, one for the¬†blogs? Hehe).

I will never tire of this place. Worth the almost 3 hour commute. Looks like my buddy Soi is thinking the same thing ūüôā

PS. As we were passing by Antipolo on our way home,¬†I was struck with a realization. I think my love for nature has something to do with my being an AA girl. I studied in Assumption Antipolo for 13 years! We had a beautiful campus in the mountains. We were¬†surrounded by trees and fresh air. There was no traffic to and from school.¬†I’m now 20-something and working in the city and I¬†constantly want¬†to escape to the mountains or anywhere near nature. I’m glad I found this gem in my home¬†province¬†of Rizal. I will definitely be back for a third time, Tinipak!

Rock formations make the place extra enchanting.

Thank you, Nors, for the photos ‚̧


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