Today was the first day of our 6 day “long weekend”. I made plans to make the most out of this Tuesday doing nonwork stuff and I was quite productive! I got to do things I actually enjoy.

I caught the last day of the Cinema One Originals, a local independent film festival. I’ve been a fan for a few years. The three films I watched this year were all pretty special (Baka Siguro Yata, Miss Bulalacao, Manang Biring).

Just outside the cinemas were shelves of bargain books. I went crazy and bought 8 — 5 of which are hardbound! These are exactly the things that excite me and would go out of the house on a holiday for: independent films and books on sale!

Cool find: Tucked inside one of the books (Zadie Smith’s) was a plane boarding pass from 2007. Secondhand books are awesome!

Hungry for Humor (Part II)

-Do yourself a favor and devour everything Adrian Bliss makes. This London-based creator is incredibly funny and talented. He recently started “Vlogvember”, where he uses deadpan humor to make fun of usual video blogs (vlogs), and I already cannot get enough! His Vlogs from the Future are brilliant as well. Oh, and his tweets are gold. The guy surely lives up to his last name.

-Treat yo self with some Parks and Recreation (if you haven’t yet; I am quite late to the party). It’s the only show I watch these days. Lovable, crazy bunch of people working for the local government. Leslie Knope? More like Leslie Yup. Or Leslie Yes. Because everyone agrees this show rocks.