A pretty accurate horoscope to sum up the week that was.

This horoscope is supposedly for the coming weeks, but it sums up my first week in Auckland just the same.


Outfit Options/Body Matters:
From the 27th through the 7th you may have a serious case of the blahs, but it’s just your body try to get you to pay attention to it. So don’t be a jerk! Eat well, drink buckets of water, and dream big. Spend time at home in the cutest PJs you’ve got and redecorate your bedroom, and especially your sleep space, Virgo. You’re hella sensi now and need some extra TLC to settle into. Try not to plan anything too intense in this period, and if you have to be accountable, then get extra sleep and be gentle with yourself. When you’re bod isn’t operating at maximum, it’s not trying to punish you — it’s asking for your friendship. Treat yourself right, lover.

Social Scene:
Your family is really important, whether they’re in your life right now or not. Where you come from sets the stage for who you are and what you become; how you feel about your past, and how you take care of those feels is hecka up right now, Virgo. Be on the lookout for old, weird family patterns playing themselves out with other people, especially in March. Show up and participate in new and healthier ways, even if it’s confusing and emo. You’re dealing with real stuff and if things get deep, go with it.

Follow your instincts and make it happen, boss. From March 5—7th, it’s a particularly good time for settling in and getting mundane stuff done, like paying bills, returning emails, or anything that requires heavy concentration. Your big goals are comprised of so many little accomplishments and setbacks; it’s wise to not get too hung up on either. Keep on keepin’ on, Virgo, because you’re so incredibly capable. The only thing in your way is time and effort.

There’s so much energy in your love life, so don’t waste it with your hermit-y ways. March 5—17 is an excellent time to go out and connect with people you deeply care about or even to say ILY for the first time. If you’re single and looking to make something happen, this is a great time for making eyes at hunnies and following your instincts out in the jungle. Be on the lookout for someone new entering your life with the new Moon on the 9th or 20—21. If love and dating is a big ol’ whatever to you, invest in other kinds of partnerships that engage your heart. Don’t miss this opportunity, Virgo.



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