a follow-up

I’m not very good with words. I struggle. When I wrote about how I hate being skinny earlier this month, I’m not sure I was able to capture what I really wanted to say. So I’m glad I came across this spoken word performance: “Skinny”. It is much more beautifully said and very powerful. It hits home.


I’m also quoting one of the comments because I feel the same way:

“You don’t have an ass” “What boobs?” “Are you anorexic?” “Eat a cheeseburger already” “You need to eat more” “I can fit my hand around your wrist” “You are way to skinny” These are the thing that I have not only been told and have memorized my whole life, but also the words that have made me hate myself. But who cares right? because “Skinny girls are the ones who don’t need to be told their beautiful”. When did skinny become an insult? when did “Skinny” make me hate myself?”



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