Dear S,

I also suck at goodbyes but I’ll try anyway.

September was brutal. Even my horoscope said so haha. But the saving grace of that month was knowing you. Thanks for sticking around despite my weirdness/sadness/anxiety, for not thinking I’m stupid (because I actually am, next to your genius) and for being a patient listener.

You’ve done wonders to my mental and emotional stability. I’m still neurotic but it would’ve been way worse if I didn’t have you in my life the past 2-3 months. My stress levels and overthinking significantly drop when I’m with you. Seriously, thanks.

Thank you too for showing me around Auckland. It was a pleasure exploring bits of the city (and outside) that I would otherwise have not discovered on my own. The only bad thing about it is that I would associate a shit ton of places with you if things fall apart lol. Thanks anyway for the memories, good food, awesome movies and for adding background music to our nights (that Coldplay radio now has a special place in my heart hehe). You have spectacular taste 😉 You’re wonderful, generous and I adore your drive and wisdom. But my favourite thing about you is that you still tolerate silliness even if you’re mostly into serious stuff. You’ve somehow unleashed my playfulness. Calling me a goofball is one of the best compliments I’ve ever received.

I’m really going to miss talking and spending time with you. I’m going to miss you and your quirks. And our snuggles of course 😉

Keep in touch, ok?

Catch ya later!



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