Light Moisturiser for Combination Skin

I’ve decided to steer away from heavy creams and moisturisers from now on (except in the middle of winter probably) because I am still breaking out and I’ve given up trying to fight it with anti-acne products. I think the cause is much more complicated: perhaps stress, combination skin type, the weather, etc. I don’t get too many pimples at a time but I get them regularly nowadays 😦

So far, I’ve only tried two light moisturisers and thought I’d do a little post promoting them lol.


Apart from the simple, minimalist design, I really adore Muji’s Moisturising Milk (Light) for its watery consistency and effective hydration. There are more moisturising ones from the same line but I picked the Light one. True to its name,  it feels light and offers the right amount of moisture for my face. The ingredients are apparently gentle too. Just did some research and saw that it’s made for sensitive skin. It’s also affordable. Forgot how much exactly, I got it in Taiwan, but the conversion is definitely less than Php 200 for a 50ML bottle. I’ll most likely purchase the bigger bottle next time.

Before I knew that the Muji Moisturising Milk is free of those irritants (e.g. paraben, fragrance), I thought I’d buy another light moisturiser that has more natural ingredients (yes I’m out of control, I just bought a ton of other skincare products last month and I barely use them).  Since Ecostore recently started their skincare range, I decided to try their light moisturiser, made for combination/oily type. I’m lucky it was on sale at the supermarket for 19.99 NZD. If it was the original price (26.99 NZD) I probably won’t be too keen. I tried it for the first time today and the most noticeable effect so far is the powdery scent once it’s settled. I like it. Hopefully it doesn’t break me out. I also like that is has more nourishing, natural-based ingredients compared to the Muji one.