Light Moisturiser for Combination Skin

I’ve decided to steer away from heavy creams and moisturisers from now on (except in the middle of winter probably) because I am still breaking out and I’ve given up trying to fight it with anti-acne products. I think the cause is much more complicated: perhaps stress, combination skin type, the weather, etc. I don’t get too many pimples at a time but I get them regularly nowadays 😦

So far, I’ve only tried two light moisturisers and thought I’d do a little post promoting them lol.


Apart from the simple, minimalist design, I really adore Muji’s Moisturising Milk (Light) for its watery consistency and effective hydration. There are more moisturising ones from the same line but I picked the Light one. True to its name,  it feels light and offers the right amount of moisture for my face. The ingredients are apparently gentle too. Just did some research and saw that it’s made for sensitive skin. It’s also affordable. Forgot how much exactly, I got it in Taiwan, but the conversion is definitely less than Php 200 for a 50ML bottle. I’ll most likely purchase the bigger bottle next time.

Before I knew that the Muji Moisturising Milk is free of those irritants (e.g. paraben, fragrance), I thought I’d buy another light moisturiser that has more natural ingredients (yes I’m out of control, I just bought a ton of other skincare products last month and I barely use them).  Since Ecostore recently started their skincare range, I decided to try their light moisturiser, made for combination/oily type. I’m lucky it was on sale at the supermarket for 19.99 NZD. If it was the original price (26.99 NZD) I probably won’t be too keen. I tried it for the first time today and the most noticeable effect so far is the powdery scent once it’s settled. I like it. Hopefully it doesn’t break me out. I also like that is has more nourishing, natural-based ingredients compared to the Muji one.


skincare splurges

I am no beauty blogger (I don’t know anything about makeup) but I’m finding myself more and more interested in skincare. Thought I’d review these items so I’m reminded which ones to retain in my regimen and which ones never to repurchase. What happened to being a minimalist? Well, I blame acne, curiosity and heartbreak. It’s expensive, yes, but also very exciting to try new products! It doesn’t help (or does it?) that New Zealand is kinda obsessed with natural/earth-friendly stuff and I’m a sucker for those haha.



CELETEQUE Hydration Facial Wash

Bought it in the Philippines because it’s supposed to be gentle on the face. But I find it too drying! Which is ironic because it has “natural moisturizing factor”, whatever that is.

NEUTROGENA Oil-Free Acne Wash (Pink Grapefruit Foaming Scrub)

I like the smell and how it thoroughly cleans my face. HOWEVER, it is also drying (my face is extra dry in New Zealand because of the weather huhu). Microbeads are also bad for the environment but I would probably still buy a bigger bottle. Sue me.

CLINIQUE Anti-Blemish Solutions Cleansing Gel

Expensive but I was desperate to get rid of my pimples. I’ve seen some improvements on my face but I’m not entirely sure if it’s due to this product.

CROP Purifying Mud Mask

I like that it’s mostly derived from natural ingredients. It does sting a teeny bit though. I won’t repurchase because I am too lazy to use it. It’s something I could do without.

BIORE Deep Cleansing Pore Strips

I’m very satisfied. I saw how much accumulated dirt/blackheads it removed from my face. Gross but effective. It’s expensive though so I plan to use it only once or twice a month.



LUSH Breath of Fresh Air Toner Water vs. SUKIN Hydrating Mist Toner

Both earth-friendly! Sukin is cheaper for its size but I definitely prefer the smell and spray quality of Lush. I have no idea what it does to my face exactly but it feels refreshing. Will probably purchase Lush again.


NIVEA Rich Regenerating Night Cream

Its thickness is perfect for the cold months. I love how it makes my skin feel and look hydrated and “fresh” hehe (especially upon waking up). Hopefully, it’s not blocking my pores because I want to use this forever. Might not be suitable in PH weather though.

ESSANO Regenerating Facial Moisturiser

Rosehip oil is supposed to have a ton of benefits so I bought this. Huge bonus that it’s environment-friendly and mostly derived from natural sources. I like it but not crazy about it.

AVEENO Skin Relief Moisturising Lotion

This one’s for the entire body. I had an itchy skin phase and I think this helped cos I’m no longer itchy LOL. Effective on very dry skin like mine.


NEUTROGENA Ultra Sheer Clear Face (SPF30)

SPF30 + non-comedogenic / oil-free are awesome qualities but I find it too sheer/thin for my dry skin. I could put on moisturiser prior but I prefer sunscreen that already acts like a moisturiser. Will try another sunblock next time.

BY NATURE Hydrating Day Creme (SPF15)

I used to wear this everyday! It’s a moisturiser and sunscreen in one product, but I got paranoid that it’s blocking my pores. I’d rather go with non-comedogenic products moving forward to lessen my breakouts. I also prefer higher SPF.



Didn’t see a difference the first few times I used it. I feel like the Clinique products did a much better job treating my acne.

CLINIQUE Anti-Blemish Solutions All-Over Clearing Treatment

I prefer the cleanser. I think that would’ve been enough. I would like it better if this product is more moisturizing. I could skip it most days and just use it on really bad breakouts.

MAC Studio Finish Concealer (with SPF35)

I’m still learning how to apply it properly. So far, it’s failing to conceal my blemishes. I’m sure it’s either just my general lack of makeup skills or it’s not the right color for my skin tone.